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1. 保护和改善生活和生态环境 protect and improve the living environment and the
ecological environment
2. 保护珍贵动植物 protect rare animals and plants
3. 普及环保知识 popularize environmental protection knowledge
4. 增强环境意识 enhance the awareness of the importance of (raise the consciousness about) environmental protection
5. 改善生态环境 improve the eco-environment
6. 加强生态建设 improve the eco-construction
7. 防治污染 prevent and control pollution
8. 加强水土保持 reinforce the conservation of water and soil
9. 加强城市绿化 strengthen the greening of the city
10. 提高环境管理水平 raise the environmental management level
11. 享受国家一级保护 enjoy first-class protection of the Stat
12. 加强环境保护 strengthen environmental protection
13. 保持生态平衡 keep ecological balance
14. 创造良好的生态环境 create a pleasant ecological environment
15. 采用环保技术 adopt environmental protection technique
16. 开展保护野生动物 advocate to educate the public the protection of wild animals
17. 开展绿色活动 advocate green activities
18. 为大量野生动植物提供栖息地 provide habitats for a huge number of wild animals
and plants
19. 为人类提供水和食物 supply water and food for human beings
20. 非常注重保护森林 pay great attention to the conservation of forest
21. 产生巨大的水文效应 produce great hydrological effects
22. 引发一系列的问题 result in a series of problems
23. 帮助减缓全球变暖速度 help slow down the pace of global warming
24. 保留为自然耕地 reserve as natural farmland environmental and ecological awareness
26. 进一步加快环保规划 further speed up environmental protection plans
27. 完善城市基础设施建设 perfect the construction of urban infrastructure
28. 促进城市可持续发展 promote the sustainable development of the city
29. 符合举办奥运会的要求 meet the requirements of hosting the Olympic Games
30. 扩建管道网络 expand the pipe network
31. 淘汰或改造燃煤锅炉 eliminate or convert coal-burning boilers
32. 禁止露天焚烧 prohibit burning out in the open
33. 发展太阳能 develop solar energy
34. 提高清洁能源的比重 increase the supply of clean energy resources
35. 减少机动车辆 reduce the number of vehicles
36. 使用清洁能源 burn clean fuel
37. 实行严格的机动车排放标准 implement strict vehicle emission standards
38. 关闭化工厂 close chemical plants
39. 减少浪费 reduce waste
40. 加大污染治理力度 strengthen pollution control
41. 治理沙地和水土流失问题 tackle the problems of sand and soil erosion
42. 加强珍稀野生动植物的保护工作 protect rare wild animals and plants
43. 崇尚绿色生活方式 pursue a “green” life
44. 使用再生纸 use recycle paper
45. 参加环保运动 take part in environmental protection activities
46. 坚持门前三包制度 adhere to “the three responsibilities in the gate area’
47. 参加城市重建 participate in the reconstruction of the city
48. 注重节约资源 attach importance to saving resources
49. 采用新的开采方法 apply new exploitation methods
50. 削减污物排放 decrease the disposal of pollutants

环境千年-行动起来吧!(2000) The Environment Millennium - Time to Act!
拯救地球就是拯救未来!(1999) Our Earth - Our Future - Just Save It!
为了地球上的生命-拯救我们的海洋!(1998)For Life on Earth - Save Our Seas!
为了地球上的生命(1997) For Life on Earth
我们的地球、居住地、家园(1996) Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home
国际生物多样性日 International Biodiversity Day (29 December)
世界水日 World Water Day (22 March)
世界气象日 World Meteorological Day(23 March)
世界海洋日 World Oceans Day (8 June )
联合国环境与发展大会(环发大会) United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)
环发大会首脑会议 Summit Session of UNCED
联合国环境规划署 United Nations Environment Programs (UNEP)
2000年全球环境展望报告 GEO-2000; Global Environmental Outlook 2000
入选“全球500佳奖” be elected to the rank of Global 500 Roll of Honor
联合国人类居住中心 UN Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS)
改善人类居住环境最佳范例奖 Best Practices in Human Settlements Improvement
人与生物圈方案 Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme (UNESCO)
中国21世纪议程 China’s Agenda 21
中国生物多样性保护行动计划 China Biological Diversity Protection Action Plan
中国跨世纪绿色工程规划 China Trans-Century Green Project Plan
国家环境保护总局 State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)
中国环保基本方针 China’s guiding principles for environmental protection
坚持环境保护基本国策 adhere to the basic state policy of environmental protection
推行可持续发展战略 pursue the strategy of sustainable development
贯彻经济建设、城乡建设、环境建设同步规划、同步实施、同步发展(三同步)的方针 carry out a strategy of synchronized planning, implementation and development in terms of economic and urban and rural development and environmental protection (the “three synchronizes” principle)
促进经济体制和经济增长方式的转变 promote fundamental shifts in the economic system and mode of economic growth
实现经济效益、社会效益和环境效益的统一 bring about harmony of economic returns and contribution to society and environmental protection
中国环保基本政策 the basic policies of China’s environmental protection
预防为主、防治结合的政策 policy of prevention in the first place and integrating prevention with control
污染者负担的政策 “the-polluters-pay” policy
强化环境管理的政策 policy of tightening up environmental management
一控双达标政策 policy of “One Order, Two Goals”:
“一控”:12种工业污染物的排放量控制在国家规定的排放总量 The total discharge of 12 industrial pollutants in China by the end of 2000 shall not exceed the total amount mandated by the central government.;
“双达标”: 1. 到2000年底,全国所有的工业污染源要达到国家或地方规定的污染物排放标准 The discharge of industrial pollutants should meet both national and local standards by the end
of 2000. 2. 到2000年底,47个重点城市的空气和地面水达到国家规定的环境质量标准 2. Air and surface water quality in all urban districts in 47 major cities should meet related national standards by the end of 2000.
对新项目实行环境影响评估 conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) on
start-up projects
提高全民环保意识 raise environmental awareness amongst the general public
查处违反环保法规案件 investigate and punish acts of violating laws and regulations on environmental protection
环保执法检查 environmental protection law enforcement inspection
限期治理 undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time
中国已加入的国际公约 international conventions into which China has accessed
控制危险废物越境转移及其处置的巴塞尔公约 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal
关于消耗臭氧层物质的蒙特利尔议定书 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer
生物多样性公约 Convention on Biological Diversity
防治荒漠化国际公约 Convention to Combat Desertification

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